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About barberry (Beijing) international construction technology co., LTD

Barberay (Beijing) international construction technology co., LTD., founded in 2003, is the first company in China to develop, design and manufacture mobile tent buildings. Barberry is China's leading manufacturer of prefabricated "flexible tent buildings". Is a unique tent architecture design and production and manufacturing company, to serve the products have high quality and high taste pursuit of the customer group. Barberry has 16 years of manufacturing history of all aluminum alloy prefabricated mobile buildings, with the most advanced prefabricated tent structure design concept in China. Focus on the production of the most influential high-end tent products! The business mainly involves the production and sales of flexible tent construction in sports, activity exhibition, industrial storage, military aerospace, tourism and other industries.

honor & certificate

16 years

16 years we only do one thing, the tent to the extreme!

2000 customers

We have served more than 2000 customers

15 meters

The highest tent is more than 15 meters high

100 patents

Has more than 100 product patents